Jeremy was ready to take his small accounting firm to the next level. He had been using linked in to connect with clients for years, and saw that one of his connections had included an animation video on his page.

The video was clear, concise, and engaging, and expressed the services he offered and his business’s mission statement. Jeremy decided that’s exactly what he would do, but he didn’t know how to make animation videos himself, and didn’t have time to juggle learning the skills involved, writing the script, and still carrying out the responsibilities of his business.

So Jeremy contacted 345AnimationVideos and worked with them to make the perfect animation video for his firm. These videos are not just for websites and social media pages. They appear in Google video search results and can also be put on Not only did he make more client connections via LinkedIn, his animation video actually went viral.

Are you ready to take your business viral? Visit to view examples of what you can make, or email for more information.


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