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Grow Your Business With a Whiteboard Video

Read what our clients have written:

"You delivered a great video in two weeks. I was very impressed.  I was more impressed when my sales jumped over 3 times after the video was installed on the website.  We moved up in Google and our conversion rates increased strongly. An associate of mine had a video made that was not nearly as good and he paid over $2500 for it. Thank you for a great job at a great price!"

"I was hesitant at this price.  The next quote that I received including High definition, voice over, music and script writing was more than double and took 4-6 weeks.  No one was doing this at your price.  But you came recommended and I took a chance. The results are nothing short of amazing. You are provided a first class professional video.  We are working on our plans to create another one."

"I am a doctor and my website is not a big part of my practice. However, I show the video in the office and requests for the procedure explained on the video have increased. I am certainly glad that I trusted you when you said it would help my bottom line.  It did."

"I woke up and my site was on the first page of google and my inbox is full of orders!" 

"Our order form was very technical and ends up being complicated. Clients were calling all day long for assistance.  No matter what we did to the form we couldn't seem to make it all clear enough. Your video worked wonders on explaining how our process works."

"Referrals have grown since we added the video to our law practice website."

Videos starting at $360.00 for 30 second mini.
90 second full videos start at $1200.00

You will receive:

Sample Custom Demo Video Customized for You - See what we can do for you before you buy it. $30.00

Click here for samples of our team's work.

How much do others charge for a Whiteboard Animation Video*?

Click here for an objective Website Magazine discussion of whiteboard animation video prices. Note that they are NOT including voice over, music or script writing. We can do it all for you.
*HINT- $3000.00 PLUS voiceover PLUS Script.

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